Trigacy FAQ

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Trigacy FAQ

What does Trigacy mean?

Well, Trigacy is simply a combination of two words- trigger and legacy. We wanted to create a brand which will help businesses worldwide in their digital transformation. Your legacy isn’t just the monetary things you leave behind, but how much difference you make in people’s lives around you. That’s what we aim for- helping businesses make a difference. Simply, we trigger your digital legacy.

What is Trigacy?

Trigacy is a “digital marketing services’ marketplace”. We have various digital marketing services split into five categories as you can see under the Services tab. Currently, all the services are being provided by the Trigacy’s in-house team located at Pune, India. Soon, this marketplace will be open to freelancers and agencies to join.

How can I get started on Trigacy?

The process is really simple. Just visit and create a Trigacy Account. Once that’s done, you can order any of our Services quickly and securely.

What can I order on Trigacy?

Currently, we have five categories, all focused on providing various digital marketing services. And in the future too, Trigacy will focus on digital marketing services only. So simply saying- you can turn to Trigacy for all your digital marketing needs.

How does the order process work on Trigacy?
  1. You place an order by either ordering one service (Buy Now) or ordering multiple services by adding them to your cart and making the combined payment.
  2. Once you make the payment, there will be a unique Trigacy Order generated for every individual service you order.
  3. You’ll be asked to provide the inputs for every order. For example, if you’ve ordered a service which includes blogs writing, then you’ll be asked to provide your inputs about the topics, keywords, etc. Don’t worry if you don’t have them ready; we’ll help you with it.
  4. Once we get the inputs you’ve provided, we’ll start working and work with you for any of your questions or ask you any further inputs, if needed.
  5. Within the delivery deadline, we’ll deliver the services you’ve ordered and ask you to review the delivery.
  6. You’ll have the choice of either confirming the delivery and leaving a review or requesting a revision if you wish for any changes in the delivery.
  7. Once you confirm the delivery, the order will be marked complete, and you get the ownership of the services provided.
Why are there multiple packages in every service listing and what are those?

Considering the needs of different businesses, every Trigacy service contains up to 3 packages with increasingly more features from the lowest to the highest package. A buyer can order any one of the packages as they think fit.

Can I cancel an order?

Yes, you can. You can cancel any order until the final delivery. And you can ask for a refund even after the delivery, if the services provided are not as described or up to the quality promised. Please note-you’ll no longer be able to use the delivered items after an order has been cancelled. Trigacy will retain the ownership of any services provided for orders that are cancelled.

From where can I download invoices for my payments on Trigacy?

You can do so from the ‘My Payments’ tab in your Trigacy account.

How do I communicate with Trigacy regarding my order?

All the communication regarding a specific order should occur on that specific Order Page only. If you need help with anything else, please email

Do I own what is delivered to me?

Unless clearly stated otherwise in the service description text, when the work is delivered, the buyer is granted all intellectual property rights. However, all transfer of intellectual property from Trigacy to the buyer is subject to the full payment of the services provided.

Are my payments and info secure?

We put a lot of emphasis on our customers’ data and privacy. All your info on Trigacy is encrypted and secure. Payment are managed by PayPal and all transactions are private. You can use Trigacy worry-free.