Your Successful First Year in Business 😀

What we do can be summed up in one line- we help you have a successful first year in business. When you're starting a new company, our services can take care of the branding and marketing part. This will help you focus on the other aspects and together, we can make your brand successful!

Explore our top-class packages to see how we can help:


Starting a new business?

Your first year in business is probably the most important.

We understand your dilemma as a first time business owner. After lots of decision marketing and preparation, you're finally starting your business! But let us tell you, that was the easy part. The real challenge is to have a successful first year in business.

At Trigacy, we aim to help you with just that. We can't solve all your problems but branding and marketing is certainly our thing. Let your business be from any industry or from any city, our digital marketing services like website design, social media marketing, SEO, content writing, video animation, etc. can help you get your small business online and grow it. You wouldn’t mind a few extra customers, would you?

Today’s digital era is very competitive. Either you get online or you get behind. With Trigacy’s world-class digital marketing services for new business owners, you can get us to solve real life marketing problems that will simplify your business processes, organise your team and grow your sales. As complicated as it may sound, the process is actually very simple. And affordable.

Please feel free to look around to explore our digital marketing services. And once you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to email, WhatsApp or call us. We’re so looking forward to get in touch with you!

Specifically, these are the things we can help you with:

Trigacy Branding and Logo Design Services
Top Class Logo & Brand Design
Don't settle for anything less than a world class logo and branding. Your customers should see that you believe in quality.
Trigacy Professional Graphic Design Services
Professional Graphic Design
From your business cards to your social media banners, we'll ensure that they look pro. When your customers will see them, they will stare.
Trigacy Website Design Services
Creative Website Design
Your website is your online brand ambassador. When done right, it can do the job of selling by itself. And that's exactly what we aim at.
Triagy Search Engine Optimization Services
1st Page Google Search Listings
Targeted traffic from Google can be the best thing that happens to your new company. We'll help you get that.
Trigacy Social Media Marketing Services
Personalized Social Media Marketing
In the sea of millions of businesses marketing on social media, let us help you stand apart and build your brand!
Trigacy Inbound Content Marketing
Inbound Marketing with Content
Why waste time and money in advertising experiments? Let's create content that matters so customers will come to you.

Why work with us?

We have been there, done that.

Hi, my name is Vedarth. I am the founder and manager of Deshpee, which is the holding company of Trigacy. Essentially, everything you see on this website, or perhaps anything about Deshpee, has my role in it. And I am personally going to work on your project.

I started this when I was 19 in the year 2014. I knew nothing. But now, after doing everything myself, I can confidently say that I can help you. Give me a chance to work on your new company.

I am no magician and I do not make unreasonable promises. But I can certainly assure you that we will work on your project with the same high standards we set for our own companies. We've started several successful companies ourselves so 'first year in business' is certainly our thing.

Let's have a chat. If you find that we're not what we say we are, let's part ways happily. Fair enough?

A gift from Trigacy for your small business:

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Titanate App

Winning Needs Support

You can not win everything alone. Let us say you have a great business idea and relevant industry experience. But are you a branding and marketing expert? (Let us be friends if you are!) If you are not, you need the experts. In your first year in business, it is best to not play with fire.

Our Simple 1-2-3-4 Process

We are simpletons. You are going to love working with us!
Trigacy Working Process
Ideas are the beginning of everything. First, we discuss our ideas with you about how we can achieve your goals
Trigacy Working Process
We give you a full service proposal outlining the what, when, where, how and why. And of course, the how much.
Trigacy Working Process
And up we go! We start working right away. Almost all projects are 6-12 months, so work will be done in phases.
Trigacy Working Process
The results we generate are clearly visible. We'll ensure that we achieve your goals & set yourself up for success!

Let's talk and discuss a success plan?

I will be happy to answer your questions and provide more info about how we can help.