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We are the script writing services you were looking for! Subscribe to our professional script writing services plan, starting at just $30 and get started right away.

A 150 words voice-over script for a whiteboard animation video.Script Writing100% Unique Content
A 300 words voice-over/in-video text script for a any type of animation.Script Writing1-Hour Consultation100% Unique Content
Two 300 words voice-over/in-video text scripts for a any type of animation.Script Writing1-Hour Consultation100% Unique Content

A picture is worth a thousand words. And a video is worth a thousand pictures.

But for a video to be really worth a thousand pictures, it has to be effective enough. And that starts with a strong script. If the script is clear and strong enough, it becomes easy for the animation guys to convert it into a video.

At Trigacy, we've written scripts for tens of our clients and know the secrets of activating the emotions of the viewer very well. Our team is well trained to write scripts for videos for any industry that'll help you sell more and promote your business. UK or US English, friendly or formal language, energetic or professional tone- no problem!

This service includes-

  1. Initial discussion on the topic/purpose of the video.
  2. Researching your business and that of successful competitors to write an effective script.
  3. Providing final script as per the package chosen.
  4. Revisions in your script until your satisfaction.

If you have any questions, please use the 'Ask a Question' option below or email us:

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Angel D. Louis

    Working with Trigacy was absolutely amazing. They delivered what I needed right on time, for a very affordable price, and the result was magnificent! I loved the video script that I received and I will definitely be working with her again! Truly amazed and happy! Thank you so much! If you are looking for scripts to boost your brand, this is the right place.

  2. Miguel Ribeiro Melo

    Excellent work! Very Impressed

  3. Thomas

    Superb service and right on point with what my company needed! Exactly written with a SALES oriented video script in mind.... and you can clearly see that they are imagining the video in their head as they write

  4. Liam

    I am very impressed. Thanks to you, we got exactly what we were searching for. The perfect script for the perfect white board animation video. We really enjoyed the work. We will definitely do another project. Both thumbs up!

  5. Sunny

    I like this script. Thank you very much.

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