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What's the first thing you want to achieve after launching a website? Sales conversions, of course! But do you think just having a website is enough for that? The answer is NO! Then what are you missing out? Landing pages.

Landing page, huh?
In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. It's where a visitor "lands" when they have clicked on a Google AdWords ad or similar. Landing pages are designed with a single focused objective – known as a Call to Action (CTA).

Landing pages are a smart move, both you and your customers will derive the benefits.

Landing Page Services

Let's go with some facts about landing pages:

1. Landing pages have a 5-15% conversion rate on average.

2. Videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 85%.

3. Companies see a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages from 10 to 15.

4. Approximately 64% of B2B businesses use landing pages.

5. 47% of landing pages contain multiple offers.

And there are many pathways through which a visitor can convert into a lead. Visitors can find your site and its landing pages through a number of channels including direct search, social media, email, PPC, direct traffic, or referral traffic. They can also find your landing pages through calls-to-action throughout your website, or directly as a result of you sharing the link in these other marketing channels.

Benefits of having a great landing page:

● Landing pages zero-in on offer, not the company.

● They are focused and free of distractions.

● The forms are not intimidating.

● They speak to a specific audience.

●They collect precise information about your potential customers.

● They will lead to more advertising conversion.

● They force visitors to make a decision.

The options are unlimited when it comes to boosting sales for your business. But, a landing page is the best choice to speak directly to your target audience and offer valuable content which you want to sell. But, a lot of thought process goes in designing a landing page and it needs to be done perfectly as it's your master-key in deriving potential customers.

But, how will you get affordable yet compelling landing page services? Don't worry, we have got you covered. The Trigacy Team provides you high-quality landing pages services for your products/brands to be used in your marketing campaigns.
Our team is experienced in building landing pages for clients from multiple industries. We have built pages that are proven to increase engagement and conversions through Facebook and AdWords campaigns. So, subscribe to Trigacy's professional landing pages services and go one step ahead in boosting your sales. Because we help you sell more!

That’s simply who we are.

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